Endowment Committee


St. Peter Lutheran Church has established Endowment Funds that are administered under the auspices of the Battle Creek Community Foundation.  These Endowment Funds were established for the express purpose of enhancing the mission of the St. Peter congregation, separate and apart from funds designated for the ongoing operational support of the church.


The St. Peter Endowment Committee is responsible for making recommendations for distribution of endowment funds; reporting on corresponding activities to Church Council and the congregation; and provide education withing the congregation about the funds and opportunites for planned giving and bequests.


Current members of the Endowment Committee are:


Jan Ludwig, Committee Chair

Jamie Brown

Barb Heffner

Ken Kohs

Dennis Struble

Ken Tsuchiyama

November 15, 2018


Sundays 9:30 am

Coffee Hour 10:30-11:30 am




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