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St. Peter offers a variety of services to help our families and youth experience worship and Christian education at any stage appropriate for them. We invite you to explore and take part in these great opportunities!
Wiggle Room
The wiggle room is provided so that all our members and visitors may enjoy the worship service. It is intended for parents who would like their small children to be with them during the service but who may need a place to move around or be a little noisy.  There are not toys, books, etc. in the wiggle room because this area is part of the worship space and not a play room.  There is a large window into the sanctuary and speakers that broadcast the service.  Families can use the space as needed, and parents are expected to remain with their children.
Quiet Bags
In the narthex outside the church office, there is a basket with “quiet bags” containing coloring books and small games or quiet toys.  Children can take these into the sanctuary with them during the service.
Free nursery care is available for children from six weeks through age five during our Sunday morning services as well as during adult education hour.  The nursery is a kid-safe space with toys, books, crafts, and snacks where children can simply play and have fun!  Parents can leave children in the nursery as needed with a simple sign-in process.  Parents are expected to remain in the building while their children are in our care.
Parents like to make sure that as their children age they become accustomed to being in church, but we recognize they still need play time as well.  The service itself provides some structure for this. A common practice parents follow is to keep their children in church until the children’s sermon, which takes place immediately before the adult sermon.  Then the children go to the nursery to play for a while and return to the service for a blessing at communion and stay till the end of the service.  The nursery is open during the entire service, however, so this practice is just a suggestion for those children who are ready.
Our nursery attendants are adult employees certified in infant/child CPR and first aid and with previous childcare experience.  Church members ages 14 and up also serve as nursery assistants to ensure adequate and safe supervision.  All adults working with our youth have passed background checks.  If you are interested in serving as a nursery assistant, please contact the church office or talk to Sara Johnson, the nursery coordinator.

June 24, 2019

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