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Jr./High School Youth

   This year we will be meeting the First Sunday of every month. What that means is we will have Sunday School together in what was the preschool room and then on that same day we will come together for a service opportunity and fellowship. I am looking into organizations now with whom we could serve all year round. This will start the first Sunday in October. The rest of the Sundays for your education you will be in with the adults for Sunday school in the fellowship hall.


Sunday School

   This year Sunday school for our children will be different. As mentioned before we are putting together children in Pre- K through 6th grade and this is mostly due to numbers. This seems like a large age gap, but we are hoping the older children will become mentors to the younger children. The education hour will look something like this each Sunday. The children will start off with music and then a memory verse. Next will be the lesson of the day through story and then an activity like a game, craft, or puppet show. Some of the lessons that will be taught this year will be: Creation, Noah, Moses, Deborah, Preparation for the Christmas program, Stories of Jesus: Walking on Water and Feeding the 5,000, Communion and the Importance of the Table, Eating as Family, The Lord's Prayer, Different Ways to Pray, Good Stewards of the Earth, and Serving Others.

   Most of these lessons already have teachers, but we are in need of a few more. Please let Kara Haug know if you would be interested in teaching for two weeks in January, March, and/or May. We also need to have Shepherds, those who would be willing to be an extra hand in class. This too will be on rotation. Those who would like to teach, curriculum will be provided. Many thanks.






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