Pastor Ed Ruble 


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My St. Peter Story:

What I Bring to St. Peter:

Current/Past Career:


Fun Fact:


George Pendill

George Pendill, Music Director


My St. Peter Story: 

I am a charter member of St. Peter Lutheran Church. I grew up attending Trinity Lutheran Church in Battle Creek. In about 1962, my family joined St. Peter as charter members. I left in 1963 for a 3-year enlistment in the U.S. Army. I returned in 1966 and soon became Choir Director. I left in 1972 and didn’t return until 1944. At that time, Nate Matson was Choir Director. After Nate left in 1997, I became Music Director and I have held the position since that time. It has been a blessing and an honor for me to have spent these years serving St. Peter congregation.

What I bring to St. Peter: 

Many years of experience in instrumental and church music in the Battle creek area.


My career has been in sales and music. I started out with 2 years as Assistance Sales Manager for Battle Creek Equipment Company. I did a 3 year enlistment in the U.S. Army, playing clarinet in the band. I worked for 21 years in the sales department at Clark Equipment Company in Battle Creek. And, I worked for 2 years as Assistant Sales Manager for Keiper Recaro. Along the way, I taught private lessons in piano, Clarinet, saxophone, and flute. And, of course, my many years as Choir and Music Director at St. Peter Lutheran Church.

Hobby and Interest: 

Most of my hobby and interest has to do with music. I also have an interest in my family history, since my Great Great Grandfather was the first mayor of Battle Creek and my Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War at the battles of Gettysburg and the Wilderness.

Fun Fact: 

I spend so much time at church that I am becoming known as “St. Peter”.


Barb M. 6

Barb Marquette, Acting Secretary & Custodian

June 10, 2023


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