Members of the St. Peter congregation participate in various committees and groups (sometimes temporary task forces) working individually and together to serve our Lord, our church, our community and each other.


Church Council Members

Barb Heffner, President 

Bill Duggan, Vice President 

Sue Eifler, Secretary and Christian Life

Linn Kracht - Outreach

Nancy Wozniak - Outreach

Harold Bruns - Finance
Dave Marquette - Property

Rebekah Seng - Worship & Music
Glenn Noffsinger - Finance and Stewarship

Kathy Fotheringham - Christian Life

Gary Goodykoontz - Financial Treasurer (non-voting)

Jan Ludwig - Financial Secretary (non-voting)

Committee Chairperson*

Property - Dave Marquette

Worship & Music - Rebekah Seng

Outreach - Linn Kracht

Christian LifeSue Eifler

Finance and Stewarship - Glenn Noffsinger


Christian Life Committee

These committee members work diligently to support the congregation by planning and hosting special events and activities including coffee hospitality, Easter Breakfast, Rally Day, God's Work - Our Hands, Bavaria Fest, and special educational training seminars.

There are two subcommittees: Christian Education and Sunshine Committee.

Karla Kopp, Co-Chair

Sue Eifler, Co-Chair

Barb Heffner

Joyce Jackson

Carolyn Boyle

Barb Remaley

Kathy Fotheringham


Christian Education

"The mission of Christian Education Ministry is to provide opportunities for spiritual grouth and enrichment for God's people." A sub-committee of Christian Life, it oversees the educational needs for our congregation including Sunday Education Hour for adults and children, adult Bible studies, Vacation Bible School, Nursery, youth activities, and Confirmation activities.

Sunshine Committee

This committee communicates with members through birthday, sympathy, get well and thinking of you greetings.

Finance and Stewardship Committee

With help from our church treasurer, the Finance Committee keeps an eye on all financial activities within and for the congregation including our annual budget, church mortgage (if applicable), insurance, savings, endowment funds, building fund, and synod benevolence. There are two subcommittees: Stewardship and Memorials & Gifts.
Harold Bruns, Committee Chair
Bill Duggan
Gary Goodykoontz
Barb Heffner
Jan Ludwig

Endowment Committee

John Christ, Committee Chair

Greg Courter

Melissa Heffner

Karla Kopp


Mutual Ministry Committee

Members of this committee endeavor to nurture and strengthen relationships within the congregation including the Pastor. Their primary purpose is to affirm and strengthen the mission of the congregation and ministry of the staff through listening and clarifying; sharing and communication, and reviewing and reflecting. They gather information to gain an overall sense of life in our congregation and encourage our community to act out our faith.

Sue Towell
Frank Egland
Bob Lukowski
Harold Bruns
Melissa Heffner

Outreach Committee

The mission of our Outreach Ministry is to provide opportunity for "Living Out Our Faith Through Mission." With the enthusiasm, guidance, and leadership of this committee, we support and participate in functions and programs throughout the Battle Creek area including Charitable Union, Inasmuch House, Kambly School, Lakeview Food Pantry and Sally's Soup Kitchen.
Linn Kracht, Committee Chair
Susan Callahan, Council Liaison
Joyce Jackson
Jackie Luke
Sue Towell
Nancy Wozniak
Tom Wozniak

Property Committee

This committee endeavors to provide physical and spiritual space grounds that are clean, neat, presentable, attractive, and inviting as well as preventive care to the church property. In addition, specific areas of focus include security, heating, lighting, indoor and outdoor maintenance, and the parking lot. A Building Fund has been established where offerings are welcomed to establish a reserve for property repairs, emergency items and later for capital improvements.

Dave Marquette, Committee Co-Chair

Duane Eifler, Committee Co-Chair

Harold Bruns

Frank Egland

Jan Ludwig

Bob Lukowski

Worship and Music Committee

The members of this committee work to provide our Church with the best worship and music opportunities available. They monitor and review worship times, types of worship services, worship music and materials. Their motto is "He who sings, prays twice!" Altar care, the Prayer Room, and Advent devotions also work as sub-groups within this committee.


Pr Ed Ruble, Committee Chair 

George Pendill

Barb Heffner

Barb Marquette

Kathy Fotheringham

Rebekah Seng


Prayer Ministry

Participants in this ministry commit to pray continually for people on our prayer list, for the many ministries of St. Peter, and for any other special needs. They also coordinate and implement the Prayer Vigil during Holy Week and coordinate the Prayer Shawl Ministry where those in need may receive a special hand-made prayer shawl.


St. Peter Earth Keepers (S.P.E.K.)

This group of members who seek to provide opportunities for all members to live their faith as a good stewardd of creation. This may be done through demonstration, education, and advocating for the conservation, preservation, and protection of God's creation. This may include refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and remove. Being green!! You may see S.P.E.K. signs posted around the church as reminders. Learn more, here.

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